About us

We are a Swiss couple who love discovery, nature and travel.

My name is Flore and I am almost thirty years old. It’s been a while since the desire for a long journey has been in my head. Little by little with Yan-Kim, the desire has sprouted to become a fairly fixed idea, with the feeling that it is the right time (if not now, then when?).
I like the idea of connecting Switzerland to Mongolia by land, seeing its landscapes, meeting its humans, feeling the distance, apprehending it. So with all this in mind, I left the very nice library where I worked to give myself this complete freedom.

My name is Yan-Kim and I am thirty years old. I have just completed a PhD in power electronics and this transition period between the end of studies and the beginning of a new professional life is the perfect opportunity to embark on a great journey like the one we are currently preparing. Being passionate about travel and technology, a project that mixes road, landscapes, adventure as well as DIY, electronics and mechanics is one of my biggest dreams! And the fact that I met Flore, perfect “Partner in crime” for this adventure, made me decide to finally start on this big project.

We decided to take a year to make the journey of our dreams: visiting the world at our own pace and off the beaten track. Our desire to be able to change our itinerary as we see fit and not depend on anyone for transport or accommodation, led us to opt for a trip in a vehicle designed in the style of “camper van”. It should offer us a freedom without common measure.