Running-in tour in Puglia #1

One of my wishes this year is to learn to make and mount videos. I know the image well through photography, which I have been practising since a long time now. I tamed the seconds with a year of videos using the One second everyday application. But this time, disposing from more time, I would like to master everything, to be free in terms of format, form, and audio. And to go further, to make the images speak.

So here is my very first video of our first stopover, of our running-in with Phileas, in Puglia, Italy. You can see Vieste, Bari, Alberobello and Ostuni, among others.

I’m new, I’m learning, but I’m happy. Music is free of rights, that was obviously close to my heart. The song is called Plenty Step from Freedom Trail Studio.

I hope you will enjoy this minute of video!