The project 2019-2020

Travelling by road means discovering the world in all its dimensions. Instead of being “teleported” to a destination as you could be by plane, a little by train or by bus when you fall asleep, the road allows a smooth transition between atmospheres, climates and landscapes. Moreover, the fact of feeling the distances, the slopes and the quality of the paths allows a particular perception of the geography of a country. All this made us choose a trip by car.

Then, one destination has always made both us dream: Mongolia. Its infinite steppes, its reliefs, its taiga, its somehow unknown and very remote side make it a challenging destination and this is why we have chosen it as our objective. The choice of the route being a project in itself, we study the multiple possible routes, taking into account our desires, and studying the political situation of the countries that could be on our way as well as the various administrative procedures necessary to enter them.

In order to set the “time” limits of the trip, we decided to leave for a period of one year. This limit will push us to keep a certain pace and prepare a smooth return, especially at the professional level. We aim for a departure in early October 2019, when Flore will have finished her contract and Yan-Kim will have finished his thesis, and for a return in September 2020. While waiting for the departure, the main effort is focused on the preparation of the vehicle. In order to be 100% free, we are upgrading Philéas, our Land-Rover, so that we can sleep indoors, cook in bad weather and wash up, while keeping the advantage of a Defender, namely, going anywhere!

This trip is also an opportunity for us to learn new things. In addition to discovering beautiful destinations, their culture, customs and food, we would like to acquire/enhance our knowledge in photography, writing, video and web development. Thus, this site will not only be our digital logbook, but also a collection of recipes discovered along the way, photos and experimental videos.